Here Are 5 Bob’s Burgers Details That Even The Biggest Fans Missed

Published on 07/18/2022

Bob’s Burgers is not only one of the best animated shows of all time, but it also outperforms many of its live-action counterparts, a show that has somehow failed to receive the recognition it so richly deserves. The program excels at a variety of tasks, including humor that is consistent, sentimentality when called for, and creativity that keeps viewers guessing.

Given how deserving of praise Bob’s Burgers genuinely is, it is a great tragedy that the program is not one of the most well-known and popular ones on television. Nevertheless, despite being watched by millions of people every week, the series has a bit of a cultish vibe thanks to its rather under-the-radar run. Fortunately, there are many fascinating facts about the series that are not yet well known, making them accessible to viewers who wish to feel like they have a closer connection to the Belcher family and their adventures. Continue reading to discover what they are…

Here Are The Bob's Burgers Details That Even The Biggest Fans Missed

Here Are The Bob’s Burgers Details That Even The Biggest Fans Missed

Bob’s Secret Tattoo

Bob is a really unique parent because he is the patriarch of the Belcher family. For instance, it’s doubtful that many fathers have ongoing disputes with neighbors who live nearby. Fortunately, Bob is quite understanding of his child’s quirks. To pretend that someone is anything other than outdated in most aspects, though, would be a huge stretch. The discovery that Bob Belcher has a tattoo on his lower back is unexpected in light of this.

However, there are instances where Bob is hunched over and the outline of his nose and mustache can plainly be seen ink.

The Belchers Appeared In An Episode Of Archer

Actors who narrate animated films for a living typically put in a ton of overtime. H. Jon Benjamin is a prime example of it because he has voiced characters in numerous animated TV shows and a few motion pictures.

The two most well-known series that Benjamin is a significant contributor to both feature the principal characters that he voices: Bob’s Burgers and Archer.

The Belcher family made an appearance in Archer’s fourth season premiere, much to the joy of both shows’ devoted fans, which is why it is so wonderful. The other voice performers from Bob’s Burgers also returned to their roles.

Real-Life Sisters Voice Ollie And Andy Pesto

Bob’s Burgers’ success is greatly influenced by the enjoyable manner in which the Belcher children interact, as the sitcom is characterized by its sibling interactions. Fans can also highlight the relationships that other siblings from the show, such as Gayle and Linda, Calvin and Felix Fischoeder, and Ollie and Andy Pesto, have with one another.

Brothers Ollie and Andy Pesto are voiced by a female duo in that last group, however this is quite typical in the animation industry. Since Sarah and Laura Silverman, the actors who portray them, are sisters in real life, they stand out more than usual.

Bob And Louise Have Had Family Guy Cameos

Fox continues to be the network most responsible for the appeal of animated TV series targeted at adult viewers. However, just because the network’s executives have approved a number of popular animated series doesn’t mean the decision-makers behind these shows always get along.

As shown by the aforementioned mention of King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers has established linkages to numerous Fox animated series while remaining above that noise. The Belchers entered the world of the Family Guy cast as well. Bob actually appeared in a scene alongside Peter Griffin and The Simpsons’ father figure Homer.

There Are Several Real-Life Bob’s Burgers

Fans of Bob’s Burgers have spent a lot of time inside their fictional restaurant, which centers on a clan that survives thanks to it. Given this, it is reasonable to assume that millions of people would adore dining at Bob’s Burgers in person.

Sadly, they were only available for a brief period of time, but those who managed to get there were lucky since their burgers were free. They were set up to commemorate the show’s 150th episode and the start of its 9th season. However, the lack of a permanent Bob’s Burgers location seems unfortunate.

The Voice Of Bob Doesn’t Read The Scripts Before The Recordings

Before arriving on stage, many of the best performers conduct in-depth research and contemplation. They must, at the absolute least, memorize their lines in order to deliver them when the cameras start rolling. However, one of the perks of being a voice actor is that, since you rarely make an appearance on television, maintaining a good appearance is not crucial.

H. It’s very amazing that Jon Benjamin commented, “I am so bad at planning that I don’t even read the scripts.” This is very likely since he can read his lines from the script while doing so, but his lack of preparation might actually improve his performance because it might lead to more spontaneity.