These Are The Best Apps To Edit Pictures

Published on 07/13/2021

Today, it has become normality to share pictures with our friends and relatives as soon as we have taken them- often unfiltered and unchanged. There is something about that spontaneity, but it also means you’re missing out on the advanced editing and optimization features available to you on your smartphone through a variety of apps. Features that keep getting better as both software and hardware keep getting more powerful. Here are seven great photo editing apps to try out.

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These Are The Best Apps To Edit Pictures

Google Photos

Google photos is more than just a place to automatically upload and backup your photos. Aside from all the handy storage and search features the app offers, it’s also great for editing photos. Aside from all the handy storage and search features the app offers, it’s also great for editing photos. The options available start with the expected: cropping and resizing photos, adjusting brightness and contrast, changing saturation and warmth, and increasing the shadows in an image

Apple Photos

The built-in Photos app in iOS is better at editing pictures than you might have noticed. Dive into the editing suite in the app and the first option you will see is Auto Enhance which will apply some smart filters to your image. Then you can manually adjust exposure, brilliance, shadows, highlights, and much more.


Snapseed’s polished and minimal user interface has a slew of photo editing tools and features just below the surface – if you browse the app, you’ll discover options for managing brightness, contrast, white balance, exposure, color, and more, as well as basic cropping tools and adjusting the perspective of images.


It is one of the most fun and user-friendly photo apps out there. And it gives you an impressive number of options. You can do anything from adding text captions to pictures to coloring the sky in a photo and replacing it with something else. Despite all the advanced features in the app, Pixlr is always easy to use


Spend a few minutes with Afterlight and you will realize that it is meant for serious photo editing – it has a professional, minimalist design, but it packs in lots of features, from a stack of effective filters to a variety of handy tools that are Your pictures can look better than ever. Sharing and exporting pictures to your phone or other apps is also very easy.


You don’t need to have an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use the great Lightroom app on your mobile phone. It’s a powerful, intuitive image-editing program that can come in handy in many situations – whether you’re looking for quick presets to enhance your images or want more control over the way they look.


VSCO is one of the oldest and most respected photo editing apps and has something for almost everyone. Whether you’re auto-enhancing an image, applying one of the many filters with a single tap, or wanting to dig deep into the color, exposure, and contrast of your photo, VSCO has the tools to help you – and it’s all beautifully presented.