Tips To Combat That Stubborn Cellulite

Published on 08/03/2020

Cellulite is the dimpled looking skin that kinda looks a bit like cottage cheese when really bad, it is usually in the thigh and butt areas of your body. How does this occur? Well, cellulite happens when the fatty tissue of your skin is moved upwards against connective tissue. Fat manifests and becomes dimpled giving it that look, it is way more prevalent in females than men. It is tough to get rid of but it can be done, maybe not completely but it can definitely be helped. Here are a few tips and tricks that will restore your smooth skin in no time.

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Tips To Combat That Stubborn Cellulite

Risk Factors

Risk factors that affect cellulite include age, estrogen, weight gain, loss of collagen, poor circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, a thinning epidermis, and genetics all play a role in the development of cellulite. The above mentioned also plays a role in why it is more common amongst women than men, in fact, almost unlikely in men overall. These risk factors can be maintained and observed over time. As much as some can be prevented some simply cannot at the end of the day it comes down to genetics, the expression of said genes. Additionally, cellulite is not unhealthy nor does it put you at any kind of risk.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies that can assist in the fight against cellulite and they are easy too. Massaging can be done by yourself or with the help of a massage therapist- it reduces cellulite as it improves lymphatic drainage and assists in the expansion of your skin tissue. The stretching of the skin can assist in the removal of dimples too. Taking bioactive collagen peptides can also assist in the decrease of cellulite and this has been proven, however, you should take the supplement consistently and for a long period of time. Drinking water and weight loss also assist in the ridding of cellulite- water assists in drainage and circulation.

Exercises That May Help

Leg and glute exercises can aid in tightening the skin around the thigh and glute region this can help rid cellulite. Squats, jump squats, step-ups, glute/leg kickbacks, side lunges, and cardio all may aid in this. Exercises and the toning of muscles all helps in appearance and may lessen cellulite visibility. Adding a few of these exercises into your routine is truly easy and they can even be done at home.

Foods To Avoid

Foods that contain high levels of sugar, sodium, and fat all contribute to the formulation of cellulite. This is because sodium retains water in the body and in general these other ingredients as well as processed foods have a negative effect on the body and may cause cellulite more often. AVoid pretzels, spicy foods like wings, deli meats, sushi rolls, and cereals. Processed foods as well as foods that contain condiments or aspects you are not sure about aid in cellulite production. The best method is to eat a balanced diet and as clean as possible in order to prevent cellulite and weight gain.