Wild Facts About The Hit TV Show ‘Bonanza’

Published on October 29, 2017
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NBC’s hit western, Bonanza is one of the greatest shows in television history. After fourteen seasons, audiences parted ways with the Cartwrights and the rest of the crew in 1973. Of course, most know that this 1860s western gained critical acclaim. So, we’re here to share the important stuff: all of the Bonanza facts you had no idea about!

No lead characters

The show’s producers went the extra mile to ensure every character balanced out. Each of the four stars, Joe, Hoss, Ben and Adam all had about the same amount of time on screen. Actually, they even switched up the order of their names in the credits. Every one of them was paid more than their fair share! We’re sure dental implants were no big deal for those well-paid actors!

There Were No Lead Characters
No Lead Characters
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