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Donald Glover: From Comedy To Music To Emmy-Winner

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Meet Donald Glover, one of Hollywood’s most talented young artists. Donald Glover is like no other. In fact, he’s got a hand in almost everything. Seriously, he began with comedy on the YouTube channel Derrick Comedy and then got a job writing for Tina Fey’s 30 Rock right after graduating …

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See Celebrities Before They Were Famous

Nicole Richie

In today’s world, it’s hard not to look at celebrities online and in movies and get down on yourself. Sometimes, we have to remember not all of it’s natural…cough cough cosmetic surgery cough cough. No, we aren’t going to debate about which celebrity has cosmetic surgery. However, we want to …

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What Were These Contractors Thinking?

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Thank you internet for being a wealth of hilarious things to distract us from our mundane lives of paying mortgages or car insurance. We’ve gathered the strangest photos of construction fails that will make you look twice or even three times. Seriously, what were these contractors thinking? Please, have a …

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