Fun Facts

The Eccentric Woody Allen and His Journey


Woody Allen has become a household name over the five decades since his emergence on the scene. In general, Allen is known for his writing, acting, comedy and even music. Before online dating was a thing, Allen mastered the art of meeting love interests on sets and even incorporating autobiographical …

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Warriors On The Field: Toughest NFL Players Ever

Randy Moss

The NFL is known for many things such as, high salaries, which is hopefully accompanied by a financial advisor, mascots and injuries. As a contact sport, it’s obvious football will inevitably attract the warrior breed. Sometimes, there comes a player who surpasses the standard for the NFL. Luckily, we’ve compiled …

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Everything You Need to Know about Marisa Tomei

Laughing Pic

Do we even need to tell you who Oscar winner Marisa Tomei is? She’s starred in countless films and even made appearances on shows like Seinfeld. This is not just her secret weigh loss program, but everything from her big break to marriage preferences. We have gathered all the crucial …

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Boy’s Backyard Historical Finding

Rom Kristiansen

Fourteen year old, Daniel Rom Kristiansen led a quiet life on his family’s farm in the Danish town of Birkelse. That small town calm was broken when he made international news in March 2017. Who would have though a boy from the countryside in Denmark would discover the unthinkable? Homework …

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