Funniest Driving Fails and Photos

Real Slick

Listen, we all have some bad days, days that make us happy we have good car insurance. However, some of these photos might have you saying these people need more than great car insurance. Something is up! From car fails to hilarious animal car photos, read on to laugh until …

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All The TV Shows That Have Been Canceled in 2017

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Over the years, fans have suffered many hard losses. From ABC’s Pushing Daises to Veronica Mars on CW, audiences always have to nervously await to see if their favorite pulled through. Unfortunately, 2017 has not given television fans a break. So read on, to see which shows won’t live to …

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What Were These Contractors Thinking?

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Thank you internet for being a wealth of hilarious things to distract us from our mundane lives of paying mortgages or car insurance. We’ve gathered the strangest photos of construction fails that will make you look twice or even three times. Seriously, what were these contractors thinking? Please, have a …

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